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The Change Nigerians are yearning for their Country

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America has good roads, not because America is rich, but America is rich because it has good roads—J.F. Kennedy
Good infrastructure’s such as
Nigeria can boast of extensive infrastructure of roads, railroads, airports, and communication networks. The road system is the most important element in the country’s transportation network, carrying about 95 percent of all the nation’s goods and passengers. But currently, many of the roads are in disrepair because of poor maintenance and years of heavy traffic.
The cost of treatment per household per month was found to be $14.7. Infectious and parasitic diseases (44.6%), diseases of the digestive (11.0%) and respiratory system (9.6%) were common in the community. Self-medication was common (34.6%) and the patent medicine stores were the most common sources of medicines.
The Nigerian economy in the last few years has been going through some turbulence. A country that recorded an average GDP growth of 6.5 per cent, one of the highest in the world less than a decade ago, is now projected to grow at about 2.3 per cent in 2016,Not only GDP, other economic indicators have been on the southward trend with overall economic outlook generally negative.
Nigeria as a country, due to rampant corruption and immoralities, is currently witnessing terrible challenges. There are many political, social, religious and economic pending issues. Poverty has been the order of the day. An average Nigerian live below red line. Mass unemployment in the country produces thug and fuels thuggery. Jobless youths see thuggery as more profitable than anything including education. Militancy spread everywhere. A country whose situation is this must be faced with grave security challenges and of course, this is exactly the true state of affairs in Nigeria.
The ever increasing demand and meager supply of energy in Nigeria has been a great challenge to her development. This situation is becoming critical, with increasing population not balanced by an adequate energy development programme. The incessant power generation failure has grossly affected the economy, seriously slowing down development in rural and sub-rural settlements.
If all these challenges can be solved,Nigerians will be happy and prosperous

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