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Buhari to make a Stopover in London After UN General Assembly


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to make a stopover in london, where he has spent several months this year treating an undisclosed illness, when he travels back from the United Nations General Assembly in New York

The 74-year-old leader of Africa’s most populous country will head to the U.S. on Sunday to participate in the U.N. gathering and deliver a national statement, the presidency said in an emailed statement. It did not specify the reason nor the planned length of the London stop.
While in New York, Buhari will also have a lunch meeting with U.S.

President Donald Trump and other leaders, the presidency said.Buhari traveled in May to London where he spent more than three months on medical leave. It was his second such trip to the U.K. this year.

He handed power to his deputy Yemi Osinbajo on both occasions.

The leader’s health issues have fueled concern about his ability to serve the remainder of his term that ends in 2019.His party want him to contest again in 2019.

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