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Africa’s industrialisation : CSOs recommend ways forward


Participants at the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)Forum in Abidjan said that Africa’s industrialisation would be achieved with proper entrepreneurship drive.

Some of the Participants who spoke to the news agency of Nigeria(NAN) on Tues said that proper entrepreneurship model ought to be adopted in the region.

Ms theresa Diarra, executive Assistant GCCI, an NGO said that children should be introduced to enterprenuership at an early stage in life.

“The model of industrialisation that will help to develop Africa and sustain it is the one that recognizes education.

“ Entrepreneurship is a major issue to industrialisation revolution we are talking about in Africa,African children are not educated concerning it .

“So, for us to attain this, the young ones must be introduced to it through education , so that they can own it and sustain it, ” she said.

Another Participant Julius Yingaing said that Education remained the best way to accomplish any positive result.

He said that as organisation building capacity of undergraduates in Cameroon, the main challenge teenagers face was lack of direction and support to drive their concepts.

“We observed that a lot of undergraduates have various initiatives that can drive industrialisation revolution we are talking about today.

“The major issue we identified is that lecturers lack the expertise and back home parents also don’t have type of support that will drive the entrepreneur spirit in most youths.

“A lot needs to be done in this direction,” he said

He added that industrialising African was long due adding that both the CSOs and developmental institutions must work hard to make sure it was achieved.

Also, Mrs Gilda Monjare, Gender adviser and entrepreneur said that the African Development Bank (AfDB) initiative targeting at industrialising Africa was commendable.

She suggested that apart from catching the young through education, AfDB should search for successful projects on industrialisation across the world and ensure its replicated in Africa.

She advised that the bank must find the way to connect to the educational} system and use academic research works to solve problems.

“Many Countries in Africa have a similar problem, so in trying to industrialise Africa, all aspect must be looked into to ensure inclusive result,” she said

She called for improved capacity building to assist develop good ideas that were kept in the incubators.

In her comments, Ms Jennifer Blanke, Vice-President, Agriculture, Human and Social Development said that the bank had sort collaboration of the CSOs to ensure effective and inclusive development in the region.

He said that the bank would reach its goal if the CSOs hold governments, legislature accountable.

“Industrailise Africa is one of the high five projects of the bank and which its wants to achieve is very vital

“The bank works in keeping with country’s request. so, if the CSOs get to make governments to make good policies, it will help to drive the industrialisation revolution in the region,” he said

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