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Africa: Museveni urges Ugandans, Africans On Development


President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans in particular and the people of Africa in general to work towards fulfilling and achieving the vision and mission of independence freedom fighters on the African continent.

He said that the aims of the freedom fighters embedded securing the independence of the continent in order to get it onto the democratic path, ensuring the economic and political integration of Africa for its economic prosperity and strategic security as well as safeguarding the African culture and heritage.

In his New Year 2018 message to the nation last evening that was relayed live from his country home in Rwakitura by media houses in the country, President Museveni said that Ugandans who have their nation at heart should cherish and support the fast-tracking of the East African Community (EAC) and the Region’s political integration as well as the integration of the African continent integration vowing that he and other Pan-Africanists will never give up.
He stressed that the economic and political integration of the African continent and the removal of the artificial colonial boundaries is the only sure way to guarantee the future and safety of the continent and its people.

President Museveni castigated members of the political and religious groups in Uganda as well as members of the academia and the media, for spending much of their useful time and energies on trivialities instead of discussing ways of securing the future of the continent, its destiny and identity.

“Some religious leaders are arrogant and speak as if they are authorities on everything while many of the media houses work for foreign interests who are either not bothered about the future of the continent or are working to bring the continent down,” he observed.

“When Mwalimu Nyerere was promoting the integration of the EAC, many people opposed him and said he was power hungry. Mwalimu is long gone and we are here so it is the current and future generation that would benefit from the integration if it had materialised.

But as usual, the greedy and short sighted players could not see this,” he noted.

“If the East Africa Community had materialised in 1963, East Africa would be at the level of India. Definitely, there would never have been Amin, genocide in Rwanda, endless conflicts in Burundi and Sudan because they would be solved easily,” the President said.


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